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What's painting daily?

From my first post I kept referring to daily painting and painting blogs, but I never defined what it means to me. For me it's starting the day with a small 6x6 (sometimes 5x7) oil on panel board before getting to my other responsibilities for they day.

I set out to paint daily in March 2021. Did I make it? No. I started out strong however I only painted 5 of the 7 day each week..OH __ did I mention I have two kids in elementary school? A husband that works at home. AND ... Weekend "work life" that gets turned upside down.

Excuses, I know. I'm full of them. Then we're on family trips and after school activities started back up (outside our covid bubble)...excuses, excuses, excuses ....I said I was full of them. However I did sneak in some daily painting, just not....everyday.

It is all good though. It has helped me learn to allow myself some grace. I've learned that daily painting has different meaning for different artist and I have to figure out how to define it for myself.

So for now here are my expectations for myself. There will be weeks (or hopefully months) when I'm able to create daily, and there will be times I have to take a break.

There will be days I get two pieces in to make up for a day that I missed. There will be days I'm in a groove and would rather paint on several 6x6 pieces and ignore my larger works that have deadlines. I will allow myself this grace so that I can continue to grow and love what I do and not have fear of trying new things. I will allow myself to be with my family over the summer and just do what I can, when I can.

Like I said in my first blog....You just have to start and you have to start somewhere....whatever the outcome.

Many artist will argue you just need to get up earlier and start your day earlier. Did I mention I have two elementary aged kids? LOL ... they are always up and ready to go. AND I LOVE my sleep, so that's just not going to happen for me, and that's o'kay! I'm good! I'm not taking this on to only add more stress to my life. This is suppose to be stress free. If the painting happens it happens!

This is to be an open ended exploration for my own personal growth. I am deciding to share this with others and hope to help those who have found themselves in the same boat. If I've learned anything in's that I'm not alone. It just takes time to fine that boat of like- minded procrastinators, or those scared to try new things, or put unreasonable expectations on ourselves. You're out there....I know you are! So let me introduce myself again. I'm Holt! How's it going on your end?

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