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Hello 2021... !

My name is Holt and I have been painting landscapes and still life for the last 15 years. I have been dragging my feet (and, I mean seriously dragging) my feet to become a daily painter. A few years ago I came across several daily painting bloggers and thought "wouldn't that be nice" but where do they find the time? I never imagined myself as a blogger. I hate to write!

I will say that another way. I'm not a writer and I'm not the grammar police. LOL I didn't want to become a blogger in fear of what comments people will make, so I just browsed and moved on.....but I couldn't get over the fact that I wasn't painting daily. I mean, I was painting and working on large works for shows....and I began an art school for children and adults....and was continuing to be creative in other ways....but I wasn't really growing as an individual the way I wanted.

Finding a positive in Covid-19 the year of 2020, I was able to revisit this idea of "daily painting" and what it could mean for me. Of course I'm making mistakes and over thinking things and being very scared to share myself....specially verbally.

But ... Today is the day I put myself out there. Will anything come of it? I don't know. Also I got over the thought of having to write a lot for a blog. This will probably be the most you get out of me. I plan to use this space to document my daily painting progress and hope to see new change in my work a year from now, or maybe I will surprise myself and continue this indefinitely. There's just no telling where things will go if you never actually start.

SO ... Here's to the first ever blog - and - hopefully, many, many more to come. But, maybe with less writing and more painting! Welcome to my journey and I hope you enjoy this exploration of paint with me!

OH one last thing! All my daily paintings will be available for purchase on my website under "Daily Paintings".

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