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Four Months Later....

Now that I'm finally putting all these attempts of daily painting out into the universe I realize I totally missed an entire month of May! Nobody's perfect, definitely not me!!! I was working on commissions and finishing up some other in progress works in prep for this Fall! :)

So I guess this was one of those times I took a month long break from these daily exercises. Man and I was only two months into this project. LOL....oh well I started back....It is hard once you fall off the wagon to just jump right back in, and making the summer transition with kids out of school and being their taxi service for summer camps. I'm not complaining...I'm very blessed and grateful to have this time with them. I did still have some flowers in the house from my birthday at the end of May that I just painting in June. So does that count as something for May?

The bottom row I did first and the top row I did the next day. You can tell I was focused on filing the space with my subject more the second day. Still a long road ahead of me and still need to push myself, but I consider this a long and slow journey to enJOY!

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